What a week!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't written in a while. I was planning on getting a blog to you every day but as you can imagine it has been so busy and by the time we get back to our rooms of a night....we are exhausted! Each day here continues to amaze me. The Bahamian people, the Miss Universe staff, the contestants, the country, the Atlantis...everything. Being here is such an honor and I can assure you that I am making the most of every moment.

The highlights to this week were the National Costume Presentation Show, the National Gift Auction, the COVE V.I.P Party, the Presentation Show and today - the Personal Interviews. The presentation of our National Costumes was held at the Rainforest theatre and it was incredible to see so many spectacular costumes from all around the world. Miss Bahamas was behind me in the line of order backstage and I could not stop looking at the amazing detail that had gone into her costume. Tomorrow we will be getting in our costumes again to film the opening for the telecast. I can't wait!
Last night was the Presentation show and it was the first time the judges got to see us on stage and today they met each of us. I felt very relaxed and comfortable and really enjoyed myself! I hope you all got to see the live stream of the Presentation Show on the internet last night and if you missed it you can find it on YouTube! Copy and paste the link below in your web browser:

I will be up at 6am tomorrow morning taping the telecast intro so I am going to get into bed now and I promise to write again soon!

Much love, Rachxxx


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