Miss Universe August 4 - 8th!!

Day 4
This was probably going to be my only day off throughout the whole competition. As girls were STILL arriving and going through the registration process , many of us were completely finished and only waiting for the others to catch up. I had certainly not packed enough clothes. After breakfast I went through my wardrobe and realised that considering the amount of events and activities we had planned over the next few weeks... I would have gone through all my clothes by the end of week 2. I decided to contact designer Camilla from back home and see if she could send me some more outfits. Camilla had already supplied me with some gorgeous clothes... but I needed more! Thankyou Camilla!!
Day 5
What a day! I mean really, what a day... We visited 6 locations in total... and with 50 girls that’s a pretty good accomplishment in just one day! Today we started getting right into the Bahamian culture and visited the Clifton Heritage National Park, had a warm welcome in the city centre of Nassau, saw a flamingo dance in Ardastra Zoo and dined at the gorgeous Sandals Restaurant. I felt right at home at the zoo; I held a snake and fed the birds... however no crocs wanted to eat me this time which was nice! :) We were all so exhausted by the end of the day but had such an amazing time. My favourite part of the day was talking to Miss Jamaica on the cruise home while watching the sun set and listening to Junkanoo (a Bahamian festival dance).
Day 6
Breakfast call was 7am this morning and afterwards we had an introduction by the supervising team. We were briefed on security and other matters while in and around the resort. As there are so many of us, each day we get broken into groups and go out to do something different. Today I was lucky enough to get up close and personal with some dolphins! Soooo cute!! After that we did some promotional activities around the resort and had an amazing buffet lunch at the Cove!
Day 7
Today we made our way into the city centre of Nassau, Bay street, for some shopping! It was so overwhelming to see the streets of Nassau lined with Bahamian people and tourists with cameras waiting for us. The sun was pelting down on the streets and it would have been 36 degrees easy, however the people still waited with smiles on their faces and beads of sweat dripping down their cheeks. So humble, so enthusiastic and so proud. The Bahamian people truly are one of a kind and I believe that there could not have been any better place to host the 2009 pageant!

Will write again soon guys! Hope everything is going well back home!! xxxx


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