My 21st birthday week!

I spent the past week in Townsville celebrating my 21st birthday! I had such an amazing week and loved spending the time with my family and friends! Sunny and 27 degrees. So much for winter!! :)

While I was in Townsville I had a photo shoot with Townsville Eye magazine, went to see the V8 supercars where I met Jamie Whincup himself and also had a few suprises waiting for me! The biggest suprise of all was pulling into the Army Logistic Training Centre Maritime Wing at Ross Island and having an entire army unit sing 'Happy Birthday' to me!! Soon after I jumped aboard an LCM8 landing craft and was skipper for the day! Thanks to Major Dave and Mum for organising such a great outing. I also launched on my birthday which is very exciting! Make sure to visit.

Thankyou to the Consortium for hosting a great Saturday night for me and Team Vodafone for a great day at the V8's! Most certainly a birthday I will never forget...

Thought I'd share my week with you:
Wednesday 8th (my official day!!) - Birthday lunch at La Porchetta restaurant with Mum and friends. I had my first plate
signing! Home that evening for a delicious lamb roast for dinner with Dad, Janelle and the family!

Thursday 9th - Photo shoot with Townsville Eye Magazine and a magnificant evening with my best friends. Mwah! It was so good to catch up and talk about boys ;)

Friday 10th - Birthday suprise at the Army training centre! I think I may have a career as a skipper in the future!

Saturday 11th - Thanks to Team Vodafone, I got to attend the V8 supercar event! I sat inside the winning car in the Pit lane and met Jamie Whincup! Later I enjoyed a romantic evening with Angus and then off to the Consortium for a cocktail!

Sunday 12th - Flew back to Sydney. Note: DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE!!! xx


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