May 28th

Today I flew to Mebourne to get some practical QV Skincare training! I learnt all about blogging, twitter, facebook and more! As part of my ambassador role for QV Skincare, I need to learn all about online social networking and the girls at Code Name Max are helping do just that! Both Shellie and Michelle are such a fabulous duo and I want to thank them for all their time and effort in assisting in my learning process!
If you were to ask me a couple of years ago about online social networking I would have probably tried to change the topic. It was all a little too confusing for me and I would much prefer to get in contact with people the old fashioned way and meet for lunch or a coffee. Or what happened to hand writing letters and delivering in person?! Nevertheless as I learnt more and more I have realised that this craze is fantastic and it's truly taking over the way we communicate in all fields. Small businesses and governments are using social networking sites to spread their messages and promote their brands, now even protesters in certain countries are using these means of communication!

I wonder how my children will keep in touch with their friends...

Back to my tweet...


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